Dogs are a species of pets, which belong to mammals, and have befriended man for a long time, as they are gentle and loyal, but sometimes pose a threat to humans, especially those ferocious types of them, and dogs are divided into a large number of breeds, according to different Some of the most famous of these breeds are the Mexican dog, the werewolf, and other species that we will identify together in this article.

Types of dog Breeds and their names

ِCane Corso

This dog is one of the most famous types of dogs, and its main function is to carry out the guard, thanks to its strength and ferocity, but in order to breed that dog, you must use a strong and professional trainer, in order to succeed training.

Dalmatian Dog

The Dalmatian is a hunting dog, which has been used for this purpose since several times, thanks to its speed and ferocity, and is of Indian origin, and weighs about 70 pounds Dalmatian dog, while the height ranges between twenty to twenty-four inches, and that type became widespread In these periods in European countries, they raise them in their homes as a kind of ornamental, and it is worth noting that despite the ferocity of that type, but it becomes very gentle and quiet when you caressed, and it is always advised when there is a desire to acquire it, to raise it from a young age, so easy to tame And becomes obedient to its owner.

St. Bernard

This type of dog is characterized by being bulky and short in size, weighing about 55 kg, while the length of up to sixty-five centimeters in the female, and only seventy centimeters in the male, and is characterized by St. Bernard dog has strong teeth and very sharp, although it is nice and friendly He does not like to hurt anyone, but if he feels that the person complying with him is not loyal to him, then he shows all the ferocity of his person, and he pounces on the person without any mercy.

Great Dane

This is one of the most entertaining dogs that can be played for hours without any boredom and can walk long distances.However, many might fear the Great Dan, being too big, and if you choose to breed it At home, you should pay close attention to him because he is very rebellious if he doesn’t feel the interest of the owner

Dogo Argentino

This type of dog is the strongest, most dangerous to human life, and this has prompted some countries such as the United States of America cautious process of buying and selling completely, and the use of that dog is limited to hunting and chasing pigs.

German Shepherd

The dog is of German descent and has a very strong sense of smell as well as sharp intelligence, so it is used by the police to assist them in the detection of criminals and drugs, and the German Shepherd is very loyal and loyal to man.

Chow Chow

This type of dog is somewhat small in size, weighing forty to sixty-five pounds, and up to 22 inches in length, and Zhao dog has very thick and soft fur, so it is usually likened to the bear, and this dog is very nice and kind if He has been treated well; he loves to play and caress, but if he is brutally and cruel, he becomes a very aggressive and fierce heart, so raising a dog needs special attention and patience.


This type of dog is very lightweight, and has a body of medium length, and has long ears, and is a dog Chihuahua is of Spanish origin, it is always advisable to choose that type when you want to have a dog at home, being very peaceful,It poses no danger to the members of the house.


This type of dog is the most active, as it adores the movement and full freedom, you find it throughout the day in motion from place to place, but some are fed that kind of barking, causing inconvenience to the owner.

Shih Tzu

This dog belongs to the origins of his children, and this dog looks very beautiful, as it has very fine hair, round eyes and wide, and has a special shine, and the hair of the dog Chih Tzu is very fast growing; so it needs great attention from the owner.



This type of dog is fierce and strong, thanks to its very strong physical structure, and the function of this type is to carry out the guard for the owner as well as the protection of all members of his family and property, and when you want to breed this type of dog in the house must be controlled and tightly controlled since Being young, very foul, is very aggressive if anyone annoys and harasses him.

Pit bull

The pitbull is a crossbreeding dog, meaning that it is the result of mating of different breeds. His upbringing poses a great danger to human life.

Siberian Husky

It has a huge body, it weighs 66 pounds, and is very strong, so many people are afraid to raise it.But vice versa, this dog is very kind, very obedient to all the orders of the owner, and is very loyal and loyal.


These dogs are very intelligent, energetic, and have physical strength, so they are used by the police as well as in guard operations, and some consider them to be the smartest and most dangerous police dogs, more.

Alaskan Malamute

He is very intelligent, loyal and loyal to his owner.He also has physical and vital strength.He loves activity and movement very much.He is patient and has tremendous durability.This type of dog weighs about 100 lbs. Its fur is dense to withstand extreme cold, and when you buy that dog must be taken care of it, since it can turn into a ferocious aggressive dog when neglected.


It is also called Mastiff, and first appeared in 1800, so it is a relatively modern breed compared to other types of dogs, and man uses that dog in the operations of guarding and hunting, and this dog has short hair, strong body, and strong muscles, But he is calm and temperate, but when you want to own it inside the house, it must start raising and training early; because he has an independent personality.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

This type of most dangerous dog, and the fiercest it has a very strong body and huge, and hair is very thick and long; even those who see them for the first time believe that they are black and not dogs, so the process of breeding that type is very difficult, it needs a very strong trainer, and must The dog is cautious, tough, and sturdy, until the dog is subject to it, because the Caucasian dogs satisfy him only to someone he sees in strength or beyond, but if a weak coach thinks of approaching that dog, there will be very heavy losses.

Papillon dog

The Papillon dog is a French dog, a gentle and gentle dog, and the process of breeding is very easy; it can adapt to all circumstances.


The poodle is one of the most beautiful and cleanest dogs ever.
It is always full of energy and activity, but this type of dog needs attention and care, as it is highly vulnerable to infection at any time


Terrier is a famous dog in Australia, has a sharp level of intelligence and stamina, and loves to play and much fun, making it a source of joy and pleasure for everyone who owns it.


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