Cats have been a favorite pet of people, although they belong to the list of predators since ancient times, because they have strong toothed teeth, stomach strength and the ability to digest meat, and also can see during the night, and is a strong and advanced hearing and smell.

Cats love the warm atmosphere. They can withstand high temperatures and even sleep in the sun. They can sleep for longer than 12 hours a day.

All types of cats and their names

There are many different types of cats and varied forms, and varied types depending on the nature of the climate in them, and the ability to adapt to the surrounding conditions, including the appropriate to acquire as a pet and other which is not suitable for this, and therefore we would like to touch on the most famous types of cats and we hope you like:

Domestic cats

Domestic or domestic cats are the types that can be acquired for breeding indoors, and are widespread since ancient times, and are available in many forms and multiple species, and vary in sizes and proportions making them the most common among people, where they adapt quickly to the nature of the house and literature, and can be trained on Household habits.

Scottish cats

The Scottish cat has a distinctive ear shape, as it has a straight shape like other types, but it can be distinguished when it reaches the age of 3 months of birth, where the shape changes completely and become folded differently, which increases the ability of her sense of hearing, and there are many Soft fur shapes from them.

Exotic cats

It is named after this because it is a hybrid species, which includes the characteristics of multiple breeds, as it is characterized by short fur soft relative to the Persian cat breed, but quieter and more intimate of them, and can not take care of fur for a long time as it is less dense, and is one of the most common For its distinctive character.

British cats

It is a British origin and has been widely spread since ancient times, and is characterized by the color of soft fur blue color, but it is not cats love to play and play a lot, as it is medium-activity and does not like the constant movement, and there are other species with different breeds of them and not limited to one color Just.

Himalayan cats

It is one of the types of hybrid cats in which two different types of cat breed are married, which produces a new type possesses the qualities and mix of colors of the two types, and in this hybridization of the Siamese cat was married with the type of Persian cat, which is a grainy species due to its form with mixed colors And soft fur.

Pharaonic cats

It is one of the most prominent types of cats that have an ancient Pharaonic history, it is one of the holdings of the ancient pharaoh kings, which is mentioned in many ancient symbols, and is characterized by not having any fluid of fur or outer fur, but its entire body soft-touch and is of medium-sized eyes strong Vision.

Cats Devon Rex

She is a very active species, she loves to play with people and is easy to adapt at home.It is characterized by being short-wavy, but slender with a very soft texture, and her large, round eyes enable her to see clearly even during the night, and in dark places.

Ethiopian cats

The Abyssinian cat is characterized by its soft and rare fur of other species.The colors range from the hair root to the edge.It appears from afar like a dark red orange color.It is known for these bright colors but there are other variables such as blue or dark yellow. White ones.

Siamese cats

The Siamese cat is one of the most popular and popular species, due to its striking and striking shape.It has a soft white fur color with markings that are distinguished by a different color, such as marks on the outer edges of the ear, tail and limbs sometimes, and also has a round head similar to the apple fruit, with a fat body Some of them are strains that are meager and thin in the body, characterized by a tail-bent, but there are some completely different in shape from the previous description.

Cats Maine Kun

It is a type of dense, soft and thick fur, and is usually of a large size and its fur is a mixture of brown tones with straight lines, but the most prominent characteristic of this type as the edges contain one additional finger used for hunting in times of extreme cold where snow is falling, It is one of the most popular and widespread species.

Bengali cats

They are called hybrids between two completely different species, the Asian Bengal Tiger and the domestic or domestic cat.However, they did not acquire the predatory traits of the Bengal Tiger, but belonged to domestic cats that had no risk of acquiring them, but had a wild-shaped exterior. The presence of spotted dots that increase this wild character.

Balinese cats

This is the most popular species in the United States, which can be crossbreeded with Siamese cats, and the production of a breed predominantly Siamese cat characteristics, it is characterized by dense medium-length fur from the rear region, and the longest in the head and shoulder area, and has wide eyes in light blue, Lightweight with protruding muscles and relatively long tail.

Siberian cats

It is a species of Russian origin, especially from Siberia, and is characterized by its multiple shapes and colors of different luster, if it has wide eyes in golden or dark green colors, and soft fur outer brightly colored such as light red or shiny silver or brown tones, and is worth noting Prefer to stay with the owner on an ongoing basis.

Shirazi cat

This type is characterized by soft fur mixed between long and short.It is a very friendly species but one of the types that prefer to relax, and sleep for long hours, and is thick hair distinct form and character, so it is preferred by many people.

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Cats Mau

It is one of the types of cats of Egyptian origin, and known for the intensity of intelligence and speed of learning and mastery, and is characterized by its shape of the appropriate size and light movement with a variety of colors and shapes, but is characterized by a charcoal mark on his body ‘and has oval-shaped eyes in light green.

Bombay Cats

This strain was discovered not long ago, but it is one of the newest discovered species, and is characterized as being a pet that can be acquired despite being living on meat, but prefer to live inside the house, and is characterized by a round head, dark black exterior color, and eyes with The wide ring shape is yellow in color and is usually medium in size.

Turkish Cats

This type is characterized by a soft white fur, with a combination of multiple colors such as red and pink for the ends of the ear and tail, and has two oval-shaped eyes in yellow color, and has a remarkably large nose, tail with fur density of the rest of the body, a species with the ability to Swimming with high skill.


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