There are many different uses for dogs, such as:


Hunting is one of the purposes for which many dogs breed, and the role of dogs in the process of hunting is different, some of which are limited to tracking the location of prey, thanks to his strong sense of smell, and others is the role of attack on prey, where they are chased by Their physical strength, and at the same time the hunter is firing, and after the end of this process and fall prey on the ground, the hunter sends dogs to pick them up.


Individuals who own a herd of sheep and goats breed dogs for that purpose.Dogs accompany sheep on a regular basis when they are grazing, guiding them, and protecting them from any danger that may get in the way, and the Belgian dogs are the most popular types of dogs used for grazing.


Dogs were once used to guard the house, but over time, it has been reduced because of technological advances and sophisticated equipment.

Detection of criminals:

This is a police dogs mission, which the police breed and train, to identify criminals as well as drugs and other things.

Accompanying the peasants:

Usually most of the owners of the field dog, you accompany them fully from going to the field, and that dog has several functions, it guarding the owner, and hunting prey, and this type of dog has a great ability to run, but be thin body.


Many individuals use dogs for decoration, and there are many types of dogs that are used for the purpose of ornamental, where they differ among themselves in a large number of qualities, but in general share the pet dogs in their small size, and permanent activity, and love of movement and fun, as it is comfortable At home they do not cause any inconvenience, are easy to tame and raise, and are completely obedient to their owner.


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