Training cats

Cats are one of the most close to humans, they can deal with humans and interact with them, especially those who constantly caressing them, and they have mastered the art of self-reliance greatly, and cats are carnivores , which belong to the family of felines, like Tigers, lions, leopards and others.

Cats are divided into two types, the first are cats that can live with humans in complete safety, and some are called domestic cats as well as domesticated cats, and the other type is wild cats , they live in the open alone, and rely on food hunting animals and insects such as mice and rats And others, with the help of its claws and sharp teeth, and its superior ability to run and attack.

When you look at cats you will notice a big difference in terms of several factors such as size, weight, fur color, and other things, so scientists have classified them into groups called breeds, so that each breed includes a group similar in characteristics and characteristics, Persian, Siamese, and Ethiopian cats are some of the most famous breeds around the world.

Physical composition of cats

When studying the body of adult cats, scientists found that it consists of:

Height : Cats are fairly short animals, with a maximum height of 25 centimeters.
Weight : Cats weigh between 2.5 kg to 9 kg.
Skeleton : Cats are animals with a medium skeleton, it consists of 250 bones, and there are muscles connected to this skeleton, which is thin, long and flexible, and these muscles play a big role in increasing the movement of cats.
Speed : The average speed of cats is about 50 km / h and can jump long distances due to the presence of flexible joints in the hip area
Claws : Cats have strong and sharp claws. These claws are used in self-defense, or ascending to high places. When cats do not need these claws, they hide them under the skin, due to the presence of elastic tendons in the foot.
Tail : Cats have a long tail, whose primary role is to keep the cats from moving or climbing something.
Feet : Cats have four legs, and they are lined from the bottom with leather cushions with a spongy texture. Cats can absorb any bumps and are able to land from any elevated position.

How are cats trained?

Cats are one of the most familiar animals, and they love to be caressed by their owner constantly, but must do medical examinations, and give them all the necessary immunizations to protect them from common diseases, in order to preserve the health and health of family members at the same time, especially since cat diseases are mostly diseases Infectious.

The individual must do a training of the cat in the beginning, in order to make him accustomed to a lot of things, and the training of cats is divided into several types such as training the cat in its name, and how to enter the bathroom and other things, as follows:

Cat training on the name

Cats must be trained on their name ; so you know them well, and therefore training a number of conditions, it must be at meal time, with a tool with a constant sound and distinctive, because cats are very love of food, and are in the best state of listening and listening during their meals .

As for the method of training cats , the individual makes a sound from the tool, until the cat comes, and then be given food with the names of their names, at that time the cat feels that she did a good job of coming when you hear the sound, and got her favorite prize is food, Over time the cat will get used to the name and the sound of the tool.

Call the cats

This training is specific to training the cat to come to the owner when it is called at any time, and the training is by the person to make the sound of the tool several times before serving food to the cat, and when the cat comes the owner opens the food and pour the contents into the dish, then the cat will understand that it has done Good; so I got a reward, and after a period of repetition, the cat will get used to coming whenever I hear the sound of the tool.
Train the cat on demand if desired

This exercise is one of the simplest exercises that can be taught to the cat, where the cat owner takes a piece of food and lift it in front of the cat, and more specifically above the head, in which case the cat raises his body and front legs up, and standing on the hind legs, which represents the movement of Esperance Then, the cat owner clicks on the tool to make a sound; until the cat understands that this was a training, and is given food, and after holding that session several times, the cat will get used to it, and do it by itself when ordering things.

Train your cat to use the bathroom

This training is one of the most important exercises that must be taught to the cat, because it is specific to cleanliness, so we will find it the most difficult exercises, but with a little patience and repetition can get used to it, at first you must set a bowl for the cat, and teach him that that place must put his litter, The bowl is then relocated, but gradually, at first the bowl is placed in the bathroom.A few days later, the bowl is gradually rounded to the bath chair, until the cat gets used to it.Then, the bowl is placed on the bath chair, so the cat is forced to climb The bowl until it ends, and after several days the bowl is removed Completely, the cat begins to use the bathroom chair in a very ordinary, like human.
The most famous breeds of cats

Cats are characterized by a variety of breeds, which exceeds forty breeds, and these breeds spread on the seven continents of the world, but over time there is the extinction of some of these breeds, and there are breeds that change in their characteristics as time goes on, and mention the most famous breeds of cats around the world, such as Siamese cat, Persian cat, Ethiopian cat, Manx cat, Burma cat, Russian cat, Bombay cat, Japanese cat, Scottish cat, and other species.


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