The language of cats

Every human world has its own language. We in the human world understand each other by speaking the tongue and body language, which plays the most important role in the communication process, as well as in the animal world, where each type of animal has a special language to speak and understand each other.

Cats are One of the types of pets that many people love to raise in the house , but to be able to understand his cat well and meet all its desires, he must learn the language of cats. Whether the language of sound or body as it will help him to deal with the cat properly.

So we have prepared this article that Helps you dear  reader to understand all kinds of your cat’s voice and what each voice refers to, as well as understand the movements of her body and what it reveals, you should read with great concentration and depth.


The language of sound in cats

Cats produce specific sounds, and each sound has a certain meaning and concept that is important to know dear reader in order to be able to deal properly with your cat and meet their needs.

Meow cats

The sound of a cat is known as water, and the significance of the meow varies whether the cat is large or small.

The big cats show meow a lot of things, sometimes the meow is an expression of welcoming an individual, as well as when you want to prevent the person from committing an act such as asking not to put his hand on her body.

Sometimes meow may be an expression of hunger and food Especially if it lasts for a long time. Experts advise against neglect and the need to feed the cat.

Cats may use meow to trick other cats or other animals, but they may not try to deceive their owner with water too, which requires greater understanding and caution.

Purring cats

Cats make a sound of something like a purr of water.This sound makes a cat feel comfortable.When it is most likely, it indicates a feeling of happiness and comfort.

But in other cases the purr is a trick by the cat, where it is in the intense fear. But she wants to fool her owner and feel that she is fine and there is nothing to scare her.

Shivering cats

Sometimes cats make sounds called flicker, and these sounds carry a lot of clues.

If they make it in front of their owner, they ask him to follow her and see her with something, but if this sound is directed at their young, they tell them to follow and move behind to go somewhere. The case of sounding to her friends of cats indicates that they are invited to eat.

Howling cats

Cats make a sound called howling, which is more like a human distress sound.

This howling is an expression of the need for something like a feeling of extreme pain and ask for help immediately.

It may also be in severe trouble or locked up somewhere or hanging and ask for help and help, so it is recommended When you hear the sound of howling cats need to rush, search for them and do their help because her life is in real danger.

Hissing cats

Hissing is one of the sounds of cats, which is often issued when fear and anxiety, as well as when aggressive, violent and ready to attack.


Cat’s body language

In the human world the body language is more expressive of the language of the tongue, as is the case in the animal world , we find that cats use her body to talk as follows:

The cat’s tail and its various movements

The cat’s tail is a special way to communicate with humans and other cat owners. When the tail is straight, it is in good condition and everything is fine.

If the tail takes a curve closer to the question mark, it indicates the cat’s curiosity and desire. Intense in knowing something that occupies her thinking.

When the cat bends its tail downward until it almost touches the ground, it indicates that it will immediately pounce on its prey, but if the curve is a slight curve, it shows that it is exploring the surrounding areas.

And when the cat is very angry and has an internal desire for revenge The tail takes a shape much like the fox’s tail, when it is attacked by another cat, and when cats are scared of something that surrounds it, the tail moves underneath it or places it between its legs.

The cat’s ear and language

The shape and placement of the cat’s ear indicates a lot of things.In the case of extreme attention to what is happening around the ear is heavily tilted forward, and in the case of hearing some unpleasant or unpleasant sounds, her ears tend to pleura as if away from those annoying sounds, and in the case An unusual or unusual voice in the cat is pointing its ears towards it for discovery.

If cats are scared or threatened by something, their ears take a flat shape toward their body, and that movement carries warnings to those around them that they are seriously considering attacking something they fear.

Cat eyes and language

When the cat starts to widen its focus, she is in a severe state of nervousness and if the amplitude reaches its maximum, it indicates that the situation has taken place. Defensive, if the eye is narrow or normal, it is reassuring.

If cats look at the person in front of them with very wide eyes, it is a kind of challenge.It is important that the person also stare at the cat’s eye so that the cat does not feel stronger than him.When the cat looks at you with a half eye, this look is full of love and affection for you.

General advice about cats and their language

A lot of people may be confused in cats. Or deceptively deceptive.

Therefore, we recommend that you dear reader to take care of cats from the first moments of their presence with you and follow the proper ways in feeding and training, as well as understanding the language well understand whether it is body language or language of sound.

This helps you more to maintain and protect it, it is a deaf animal can not talk to you In your language, which urges you to take care of it and not neglected, it may be your cat tears of pain and you do not understand it, so be careful not to find yourself lost suddenly.


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