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Human beings are the highest creatures on earth. God has succeeded them in order to build them, and he has mocked him all that they have to serve animals , animals , mountains, plants and other things that help him to continue, and animals are the most important of these things being a companion to man, and the multiple benefits obtained from Behind them, there are animals he uses for food, others for traveling and traveling, and a third that uses their parts to make his clothes.

Because of the great importance of animals, God Almighty has ordered the human kindness and softness in dealing with them, and even made good dealing with the greatest penalty, and in return, the punishment for all those who want to deal with them, and perhaps the greatest proof of this famous stories that we all know, where I entered At the same time, a man entered the mole’s paradise when a dog watered, his grandfather gasping in the desert, and he used his shoe to fill the water from the well.

These include pets that humans like to raise at home, such as dogs, but many people do not know what is the ruling on the lawful breeding of the dog home, as well as the ruling on purity of the dog, so we have prepared this article to clarify all these things in some detail .

How to Train dogs

About breeding a dog at home

In recent times, the idea of ​​breeding dogs in the home has spread among many people, and the reasons behind this are varied. There are people who like to raise a dog for fun and entertainment, while others use it as a kind of guard, especially those living in remote and remote places, while a third team The dog is used as a means of hunting.

Whatever the reasons for breeding a dog, the breeding process is not easy or simple, but requires a lot of information, as well as be patient and perseverance.

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Steps for breeding dogs

Dog breeding requires several steps and controls, such as:

Complete care

In general, pets need full care. Your dog’s health needs to be monitored and monitored continuously.These care begins with the provision of healthy and clean food, as well as good drinking water, and the comprehensive care of the tools he uses to eat and drink.All these things prevent the spread of any Bacteria or fungi may harm the dog as well as the individuals and animals surrounding it.

A thorough examination should also be carried out periodically, in order to check on the health of the dog, and in the event of any abnormal symptoms, you should immediately visit the veterinarian, so as to avoid any serious losses, especially since many dog diseases are infectious, and damage With surrounding animals.

Castration of dogs

In fact, there is a big difference in the legitimacy of castration, but in general, castration is a medical operation, performed by a veterinarian, to prevent dogs from permanently breeding, when dogs are six months old. , It must be stressed that it is necessary to refer to the House of Fatwa before taking this step, to ensure the legitimacy of it.

Taming the Dogs

Dressage is one of the most important steps in the process of breeding dogs , and is meant to train the dog on the circumstances of the owner, and full obedience, this step makes the dog deal well, and avoid any problems, so everyone advises the process of dressage, provided that the breeder to provide a reward for the dog, Whenever he did something right.

Surely, the most knowledgeable about all things related to dogs are veterinarians, so the owner of the dog must get used to visiting the veterinarian on a regular basis, so as to be assured of the health of the dog, as well as to know all the necessary queries in terms of the manner of hygiene, food and all other things.

Important notes to follow when doing a breeding of dogs indoors

If there is an urgent need to raise a dog at home, it is okay to take into account these important observations:

Dogs must first get used to the disposal of their waste in a special place, so as to avoid the transmission of diseases.
Take good care of your dog’s health and perform a thorough check-up periodically.
Set aside a place where the dog is sleeping and eating, and try as far as possible to be away from the children’s rooms, and it is always recommended that the place in the garden of the house.
Avoid contact with children as much as possible playing with the dog.

Is there damage from raising a dog at home?

Unfortunately, many people raise the dog at home without any necessary reasons, and are not aware of the danger it poses to their lives, as it transmits a wide range of serious and difficult to treat diseases, it is known that the dog’s intestine is a dangerous worm called a worm, and eggs inside Also, when the dog has a bowel movement, the worm and its eggs come out with waste, and the worm is likely to reach humans in two ways, first through the process of contact with the dog’s own waste, and then food and drink, so the worm reaches the human stomach, The second of x The dog itself, is based permanently. A dog Baalq his anus with his tongue, and therefore those worms and their eggs up to the tongue, and when suspended for any dog ​​Shi tools and collectibles home, the worm is transmitted to the vase and then human.

What did science say about kennel?

After a lot of scientific research, a large number of facts have been established about dogs, such as causing many diseases, led by the disease, “rabies”, which is transmitted to humans through the saliva of the dog, which is one of the most serious diseases; In many cases, particularly in Asia and Africa, tens of thousands have already died from the disease.

Dangerous dogs also lie in their biting processes, which children are exposed to more often than adults. These bites can also cause rabies.

When the dog is bought at home, the family members will be exposed to their droppings in one way or another, exposing them to “water bags”, where the waste contains the so-called tapeworm, and this worm lays its own eggs in the litter, and when touched by hand, and then By preparing food or drink, this egg is transmitted to food, and then respiratory system, and this disease is one of the most difficult diseases, it is on the one hand does not show symptoms, and remains in the body without human knowledge of it, and when it is discovered treatment through surgical intervention.

As a result of all of the above is not recommended to breed dogs at home only in cases of extreme necessity, and it is worth mentioning that the Holy Prophet – peace be upon him – ordered to wash the pot in which the dog drank or ate three times with dust, until the virus is completely eliminated, and this What modern science has shown is that soil has been confirmed to contain germ-killing agents and is the only substance that can kill a dog virus that is stuck to a pot wall.


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