A hamster is a species of rodents that carries a variety of species, as is the case with many pets that people raise at home for various purposes.

One of the most important considerations during the breeding process is paying attention to the beneficial feeding of the hamster.

This requires all breeders to know what foods to eat and what to avoid.

Because improper nutrition can lead to many negative effects and problems that may worsen and lead to death cases, especially since its immune system is very weak and unable to resist various diseases.

Hamster’s favorite food

There are a variety of different types of hamster’s favorite foods to be served during meals, which should contain adequate amounts of all the nutrients it needs.

Yuan hamsters eat most kinds of grains, sunflower seeds and other types that contain a large amount of vitamins necessary for him, and his favorite foods are as follows:

First: Vegetables of various types and different, including lettuce, carrots, watercress, cucumber and other vegetables that must be included in his diet.

Second: fruits, like apples , which is one of the most liked fruits, and red dates, and the hamster an be fed small amounts of both bananas and strawberries.

Third: proteins, like cheese and skim milk, as well as  oats or  other types of foods that contain a high proportion of protein, including eggs, wheat, honey and other foods.

Fourth: dry grains, which are the seeds of sunflower, which is his favorite food, and peanuts, in addition to sunflower seeds and other foods.

Harmful foods for hamsters

Unlike hamster’s favorite and beneficial food, there are a range of other types of foods that should be avoided and prevented from being introduced to the hamster.

For example, lemon, which is an acidic material that can cause a lot of problems that he will suffer, which may later develop worse.

Foods to avoid are also tomatoes, along with chocolate and sweets of various kinds and varieties.

Hamsters can eat processed meats but in amounts not exceeding the limit. Adult hamsters eat about 15 grams of food and drink 10 ml of water a day.

The hamster lives at moderate temperatures, so it is imperative for the breeder to provide him with a suitable temperature in the place at home.


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