Pet breeding at home has become a fashion trend for many people, especially the elderly and children, due to the development and openness we live in now.

And a lot of them get lonely and bored,Cats have become one of the priorities they can not do without, because of their ability to adapt to family members quickly.

Owing to this concern, cat owners should avoid feeding them:


Chocolate is one of the foods you should avoid feeding cats,Because of the toxic theobromine that may harm them.

Flavored fish

Flavored fish such as tuna, because of the presence of mercury in them, which are toxic and harmful elements of cats.

Raw eggs

Uncooked eggs are dangerous to cat’s lives, because they contain coliform bacteria that lead to exposure to disease and danger.


Mushrooms are among the most pathogenic foods in cats, because of the toxicity of some types, so be careful not to eat cats this type of food.

Green tomatoes

Green tomatoes are one of the foods to avoid from cats because they can cause uncomfortable pain in their stomach, despite their ability to eat red or ripe tomatoes.

Garlic and onions

Garlic and onions when fed to cats cause anemia, whether raw or cooked, so should be prevented from them.


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