If you think that all creatures around us were created without reason, perhaps this is a misconception, especially after some animals and birds have proved their ability to understand, interpret and remember, making them among the smartest animals in the world.
This list includes 10 types of the smartest animals around us, know them.

1. Chimpanzees

Chimpanzee uses tools to get food. It also has sophisticated hunting strategies, which require cooperation and influence, chimpanzees have a conscious state, capable of deception, they can learn how to use symbols and understand human language, and are able to spontaneously plan.

In 2007, Japanese scientists from the University of Kyoto, Japan, conducted experiments to test the intelligence of chimpanzees, where the test recalled the locations of numbers on a computer screen and be able to know the order of appearance correctly, and the chimpanzees were able to beat university students in tests of photographic memory by a large margin!

2. Elephants

Known as the mirror of self-recognition, which indicates its self-awareness and perception, and the elephant is characterized by strong memory that preserves different things and places for many years, and is usually used to remember to access the places of water during periods of drought, and also features a strong sense of smell that enables him to sense the risks And enemies.

3. Dolphins

Many researchers classify dolphins as elephants in “intelligence.” She is known for her involvement in complex theatrical behavior and has great communication skills. However, there are those who believe that dolphins are not high-level intelligence.

In 2013, experts at the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa conducted studies that concluded that what is said about the sharp intelligence of the dolphins is incorrect, and that the level is normal and does not exceed the level of intelligence for other animals!

4. Parrots

Parrots are characterized by their ability to imitate human speech, but African parrots are able to associate words with their meanings, and form simple sentences.
Some smarter parrot species, such as Kia, are highly skilled in using tools and solving puzzles.

5. Sheep

Sheep can recognize individual human faces, remember them for many years, and they can differentiate emotional states through facial characteristics.

6. Rats

Rats show excellent problem-solving skills. Rats also show the “altruistic” behavior of other mice in experiments, such as their release from cages.

7. Dogs

Dogs can understand the social structure and obligations, and the ability to interact with other dogs. Dogs are known to be extremely intelligent, which makes it easier for them to be trained by humans.

According to a study by experts at the University of British Columbia, dogs can do some arithmetic and discover simple arithmetic errors such as 1 + 1 = 4. In addition, ordinary dogs can understand about 165 words!

8. Octopus

Octopus is the smartest invertebrate ever, and in the nineties two Italian researchers experimented with a group of octaves, to test their intelligence and they trained on how to distinguish between a white ball and a red one, so that if the octopus chose the red ball, they give him a quantity of food as a kind of reward, but if He chose the white ball and he was subjected to a simple charge of electricity as a punishment.

After completing 16 attempts, the matrices reached a stage of maturity and then chose only the red ball! Although mammals have the ability to distinguish between objects because they have a sophisticated brain like a human.

But the strange that the Alkhatib able to distinguish between different things, which is a real estate and its brain is simple and consists of only a small ring of neurons around the pharynx channel, so it is considered smarter Invertebrates. It is noteworthy that at the 2010 World Cup, the Octopus Paul 14 predicted the results of the World Cup matches and surprisingly injured in 12 games, most notably the final between Spain and the Netherlands, which won the first 1-0.

9. The crow

There are some types of crows able to engage in activities such as sports, the use of tools, the ability to hide and store food in the seasons, and have the ability to distinguish between humans by recognizing facial features. The crow lives in groups and swarms.

The crows remain together with each other longevity, and if a stranger approached the wife of the crow, beat him until he left her!
Crows are not afraid of falcons, but they approach the eagle when he eats from his prey and settles a little, and then begins to chase him, and the crows fly and pounce on the plane so he is forced to lower his head so that the crow does not hit him with his wing or tail. After several times of the maneuver, the eagle tears and flies, leaving the rest of its prey and eating crows.
The husband’s crows take care of their offspring in the nest and bring them food. If a wander near one of the falcons find that the parents go in the sky and start chasing the falcon flying until it disappears from the area, and the danger away from their offspring.

Also, the crow is the only animal that can count up to the number 9, has been evidenced by this information by watching from this story: a crow lived near a rabbit burrow and was inhabited by nine rabbits, it was noticed that the crow was waiting on his tree until the rabbits come out and leave its hole.

Approaching the burrow to search for things only after leaving the ninth rabbit!

10. Pigeon

A bathroom can study relatively complex procedures, and remember large numbers of individual images for a long time.


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